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The Blood Factor Series

written by

Valerie Horton Quick!

Valerie Horton Quick.png

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The Blood Factor II - Synopsis

Join the Jones and Haughton family on their journey as they continue to test the blood factor.
Yes, blood is thicker than water. Yes, it is more powerful than the color of the skin. Yes, it is strong
enough to hold their family together. Yet, this commitment does not extend to people outside of their

It is 1865, the civil war is over and the wealthy no longer slaves are now free on paper. They
soon discover that papers saying you are free, are not enough to eradicate the bone deep hatred men
have for others who are different.

Now, they face new perils of hatred. The Ku Klux Klan hate them for being colored and mixed.
The Jim Crow laws are put in place to ensure separate but equal. Separate yes, equal no. What can
they do to make things separate and truly equal?

How does a family of mixed blood live out their lives in harmony? Is there any hope for their
colorful family of blacks, whites and mixed? Can they live out their lives together in peace?
Join this family as they discover if their bond is stronger than senseless death, as they work to keep
hatred from residing in their hearts and minds. Is the blood Jesus shed powerful enough to help
them continue to successfully navigate this journey?

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