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About Valerie Quick

Biography of Author

Valerie Horton Quick, a 60-year-old author writes her second heart moving novel. Born and raised in the small town of Plymouth, North Carolina, with her parents, four brothers and strong family ties, Valerie gave her life to the Lord at the age of thirteen. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from East Carolina University she settled down to live in Eastern North Carolina.


In 1985 she married God’s choice and the love of her life, Apostle Tommy E. Quick, her husband of over thirty-three years. They lived in Rockingham, North Carolina where with fervent prayer and intercession, she helped raise two stepchildren and bore three children.

In 1992 this pioneering couple moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina with their three small children to start a ministry. The Promised Land Church of God in Christ is an influential center for The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Upstate of South Carolina.


This proud mother of five and mother-in-love of three all productive, sober and spiritually guided adults, grandmother of eleven, and great grandmother of four is armed with a word from the Lord. Her endeavor is to live a God first lifestyle, as she intentionally lives out her life as God intended as a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor’s wife, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, neighbor and friend.


As a registered nurse she demonstrates her faith and promotes health and wellness in her circle of influence.


With this new calling as an author she desires first and foremost for God to get the glory and to strengthen individuals in their faith as they are entertained with her stories of the generational joys and struggles of life.

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Press Release

In The Blood Factor, the saga starts in 1861 in the small town of Plymouth, North Carolina. In this novel, the civil war ends and the no longer slaves find that there are still men who desire to keep them oppressed and enslaved, while others don’t mind them being free as long as they know they are not equal.

58-year old author Valerie Horton Quick invites readers to take a journey with the Jones and Haughton family as they start on this trek. What started out to be a clear path of “you go your way and I go mine,” is now a tangled mess that “will take the good Lord to detangle.”


“Reading is my favorite hobby and I have read hundreds of books,” says Quick. “I never in a million years thought I had the time or inclination to write a novel. When I started, my biggest obstacle was feeling inadequate. Now, I have written what many who have read it, are calling a potential New York Times best seller.”

Three years after receiving the inspiration to write The Blood Factor, she was still back and forward with herself as to whether she could really accomplish this vision. She would write, sometimes stopping for months between writing, doubting that this vision could be accomplished. With the support of her husband of 31 years cheering her on every step of the way, she finally accomplishes what could only be described as a dream come true.

Quick feels strongly that you never know what your future holds and where life will take you. “Everyday, there is an opportunity to do something amazing, when you put God first.”

She is already writing the sequel to The Blood Factor, as many are anxiously awaiting. Her book and e-book can be found on Create Space, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles. Visit her, send an email to, tweet her Valerie Quick@thebloodfactor, or like her book on Facebook. She is anxiously awaiting your feedback and looks forward to sharing more stories with you.


Valerie Horton Quick

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