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The Blood Factor I - Synopsis

In 1861 the civil war has started in the small town of Plymouth, North Carolina.
Sugar Hill is a successful plantation of blacks, whites and mulattos who escape to
safety to get safely through the war by relocation and sleight of hand.

Years before the war started, the first Godly owner wanting to right the wrongs of
his sires, freed the slaves. The wealthy no longer slaves find that it is not so easy to
detangle their life from the Master, or other people with blood ties, who dared to
journey through the underground. At the same time, there is a struggle to deal with
the desires of men to keep them oppressed and in slavery, and others wanting them
free but not equal.

What started out to be a clear path of you go your way and I go mine, is now a
tangled mess that it will take the good Lord to detangle.

Join the Jones and Haughton family on a journey like no other as they test the
blood factor. Is blood thicker than water? Is it more powerful than the color of the
skin? Is it strong enough to hold family bonds years after separation? Is the blood
that Jesus shed powerful enough to help them successfully navigate this journey?

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